Handmade Yellow Brown Luster Necklace


Romantically stylish, this beautiful yellow brown luster necklace. This alluring accessory will be a perfect gift for a loved one.

It is approx 48inches/121.92cms/1219.2mm individually drawn, cut out and wrapped to form the unique and colorful beads.

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This handmade yellow brown luster necklace for women are eye-catching, very attractive and high quality. A lovely handmade yellow brown luster necklace featuring hand rolled beads. The necklace’s are handmade using hand rolled paper that reserves the natural color and vividness of the handmade yellow brown luster necklace.

The handmade yellow brown luster necklace’s for women are perfect for summer beach, any anniversary, birthday, holiday, summer, mothers day or special occasion. The combination of yellow, brown and black shows the beauty of harmony in this stunning pair of earrings for women.

The handmade quality of of these yellow brown luster necklace’s for women jewelry adds value and beauty as this piece is truly unique and individual.
There is more feeling involved in the creation of handmade jewelry, more soul, it contains an essence that cannot be fabricated. It is truly a gift to be able to wear an item of such beauty created by hand.

These gorgeous handmade yellow brown luster necklace is your “go to ” everyday wear kind of jewelry. They are ever so tender sweet with a sleek slim line of shiny gloss around your neck. They are light and gracefully classy.

Its is a handmade one of a kind gift that is great for the unique design of theses handmade yellow brown luster necklace for women makes you feel special, beautiful and stand out from everyone else and can compliment your outfit from work to a party.

This necklace is Chic and Charm to wear, using hand rolled paper beads, glass beads and sterling silver wire, could easily become your favorite pair of earrings. These necklace’s are designed in vintage style by AfriArtisan.

A perfect gift for the fashion lover on your gift list or keep for yourself to enjoy!

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Dimensions129.92 cm


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