Handmade Glossy Blue Necklace


An intricately crafted handmade glossy blue necklace, set with a delicate handmade bead’s, strung with glass bead’s. Finished with delicate gloss.

Traditional handmade jewellery crafted by hand.

It is approx 48inches/121.92cms/1219.2mm.

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This handmade glossy blue necklace is designed in vintage style. Gorgeous handmade glossy blue necklace designs. It is hand rolled, crafted with glass beads and paper beads. These unique and beautiful handmade glossy blue necklace is great for the day but perfect for the evening.

The handmade glossy blue necklace accentuates beautifully from your neck for a beautifully simple look. It is designed for you with love and creative craftsmanship by AfriArtisan. These necklace’s are specifically created to be bold and accentuating under your neck, dainty, delicate and beautiful. The beads are vanished, buffed and tumble polished to bring out the contrast between light blue and gloss.

The handmade glossy blue necklace is lightweight and comfortable to wear. This cross collection brings some beautiful serenity to the wearer and a peaceful depth to your fashion sense. They are hypo-allergenic and lightweight which makes them suitable for every day use!

Its is a handmade one of a kind gift that is great for any anniversary, birthday, holiday, summer, mothers day or special occasion. The unique design of this handmade glossy brown necklace makes you feel special, beautiful and stand out from everyone else and can compliment your outfit from work to a party.

Fine and delicate, this necklace flows from the neck in a simple but elegant line. These are Chic and Charm to wear, using hand rolled paper beads and glass beads, could easily become your favourite necklace. They are a unique one of a kind design from recycled paper with each bead carefully rolled and varnished.

These handmade glossy blue necklace’s are hand forged by AfriArtisan. They are the standard necklace length gauge acceptable for most people who like to wear necklace’s. They appear delicate but are really quite sturdy, durable and are well made.

A perfect gift for the fashion lover on your gift list or keep for yourself to enjoy!

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Dimensions71.12 cm


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