Handmade Beaded Hot Yellow Bead Purse

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This beaded hot yellow bead purse is a unique one of a kind design from recycled paper with each bead carefully rolled and varnished. Carefully designed hand rolled beads strung into patterns with interlinking glass beads to create a singularly unique purse.

It is approx;
3.5inches/8.89cm/88.9mm long
4.5inches/11.43cm/114.3mm wide

Individually drawn, cut out and wrapped to form the unique and colourful beads you will love this unique purse as an addition to your accessories or a gift for someone special.

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The handmade beaded hot yellow bead purse is a small hobo purse that features a softly structured design with a variety of interior and exterior handmade unique designs. A elegant purse made from hand rolled paper beads, glass beads and cloth lining.

The handmade beaded hot yellow bead purse is a lovely light in weight purse, it is still strong enough to hold accessories, keys, credit cards, makeup etc. This beautiful purse is great for any occasion, both day and night. This handmade beaded hot yellow bead purse is great for shopping, having drinks with friends, or just going for a walk.

This handmade beaded hot yellow bead purse is just beautiful, it is quirky and creative, and AfriArtisan inspired, with its pretty yellow hand rolled paper beads and gold glass beads. Perfect for anyone who loves one of a kind items.

Using the purse inside a larger handbag is convenient and will help keep you organized. Leave the handbag in the car and take just the essentials when running into the post office or the bank. The zipper pouch is the perfect size for holding all the small items that clutter the bottom of your bag. Using the purse also makes it easy to easily, so you can show off the purses in your collection.

This purse would make a great gift idea for the serious purse collector that wants something a little more unique and quirky but still very cute!

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