Glass Bird

These delightful glass birds are individually mouth-blown glass creations. Like the natural birds they represent, it’s the tiny differences that give each and every glass bird its very own personality…..

The glass birds are a new addition to the AfriArtisan collection. This lovely little Bird is the perfect gift for any occasion and a beautiful addition to any home. On most days, this little bird takes to the sky like an artist, painting the clouds with his feathers. Today, he is content to just sit and watch others take the stage. Place it on your desk as a reminder that real artists don’t always have to be in the spotlight.

These glass bird’s are another superb example of AfriArtisan glass-coloring expertise and the skill of its glassblowers. Simple and stylish, these beautiful glass decorations will look lovely in any setting. Inject some positivity in your life by placing this beautiful glass bird figurine in your space. Inject some spontaneity into your life, and show off your fun, quirky side without saying a word.

Transform your space into a happy place by setting this beautiful glass birds where everyone can see it. Smile more, laugh longer. Its cheerful little presence will certainly make life feel more like a song. Everyday can be a sunny day with this delightful glass bird figurine ornament. If your living room or office needs a dose of sensual energy that only this creature can bring, then make sure to give this elegant glass sculpture the spotlight it deserves.

Made by hand by artisan glass-makers, this beautiful glass bird will look beautiful in your home or office. Encourage yourself to dream a little more and open yourself up to new opportunities by purchasing this beautiful glass figurine.

Make your mornings come alive by having this beautiful glass bird sweetly sitting in your breakfast nook. Put it in a spot where morning sun can reach it to enjoy its warm sparkle as you sip your very first cup of coffee. There needs to be more beauty in the world. Start your own glass bird collection today if you believe this is true.
Buy one for yourself today and find a friend in this beautiful glass bird.

The range includes;

Spotted Glass Bird – Here
Blue Glass Bird – Here
Gold Glass Bird – Here
Silver Glass Bird – Here
Yellow Glass Bird – Here
Grey Glass Bird – Here
Black Glass Bird – Here
White Glass Bird – Here
Green Glass Bird – Here
Golden Glass Bird – Here

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