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SEO and Social Media News | AfriArtisan

Handmade vintage bead necklace red

SEO and Social Media News | AfriArtisan

SEO and Social Media are an important component of building our brand at AfriArtisan.

Handmade Luscious Red Earrings

We have been busy, developing and crafting new products and lines that we will be launching soon. Working on our Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and keeping up with our social media growth and engagement. It continues to be a challenging and exciting journey as we grow, learn, make some mistakes along the way but the AfriArtisan brand is growing.

Handmade Fabulous Design Bead Bracelet

We would like to say welcome to our new subscribers and followers on all our platforms! Thank you for joining us on this journey as we grow our global brand. Our goal is create the best unique handmade crafts, jewelry and grow our global family of artisans.

Green Brown Red Striped Necklace Bracelet Set

Look out for our new product launches in the next couple of weeks. We will have some new Necklace’s, Bracelet’s, Earring’s, Bag’s and Purse’s. Don’t forget to visit our ETSY and Artfire shop’s and let us know what you think.

Handmade Beaded Luscious Red Bead Handbags

Our SEO is continuously growing and improving with the ever changing algorithms of Google, Bing, Alexa etc. We are getting more organic traffic, going from 4% to 12% of our overall traffic in the last two months.

Coconut Brown Necklace

Social media engagement on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pintrest, Youtube, WordPress, Blogger has truly humbled us. Thank you to all our new friends and followers. We are now growing onto Polyvore, VK, TSU and exploring the ever changing social media landscape.

Handmade Fun and Flirty Pair of Pink Earrings

SEO and social media has been a steep learning curve for us but it has been an exciting journey that we will improve and grow.

Just In Love Green Necklace Bracelet Set

Hope you all had a good Christmas and we look forward to better 2016. Thank you and Happy New year!!!

Handmade Grey Black Bead Purses

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Good Twitter Tool’s for Social Media Management

Twitter is an important tool for reaching and engaging with customers. As a small business it is always challenging to balance the amount of time spent on social media. We decided to look at some tools that can help automate and reduce the time spent on twitter.

The list of apps is not exhaustive but can be used as a starting point for people looking to manage their time on twitter.

Scheduling Tweet Apps

  • Tweetdeck – A good tool that gives you tabs of your twitter account to better help you manage and keep on top of your twitter activity. It allows you to schedule your tweets andintergrates seemlessly with your twitter accounts.
  •  Twittimer – A good tool for managing different twitter accounts with an easy design and User interface. For more functionality there is a paid upgrade optioon
  • Twuffer – This is a completely free tool with no upgrade paid upgrade options. Funded by donations, it is a good tool to use.
  • TweetLater – A simple and easy to use tool that allows you to view your timeline from within the tool itself.
  • Buffer – This is a tool that shchedules tweets, does analytics on your tweets, can find tweets to share. It is an indepth tool but the full features are paid for.
  • Hootsuite – This tool manages social profiles, not only from twitter. It offers a 30 free trial and is worth a try. It automeates content generation and publishing.
  • Sprout Social – This is a tool that offers drafting, scheduling, publishing, real-time monitoring, comprehensive monitoring of you tweets. It has a 30 day free trial but then has different packages that are paid after that.
  • Tweet4me – Works with buffer by sending a message to your tweet4me account to schedule your tweets with buffer. It is a free app but buffer has paid upgrades.

Twitter Tools for Following and Unfollowing

  • Crowdfire  – this tool keeps track of who hasn’t followed you back, who has unfollowed you, who is inactive, sends direct messages automatically to new followers
  • Tweepi – This is a tool that helps weed out inactive followers, non follow backs and automates follow back’s all in bulk. A good time saving tool.
  • Unfollowers – This twitter tool gives a simple list of those who you follow and those who unfollow you.
  • ManageFlitter – this tool helps you analyse your twitter followers by different factors like; location, followers, language, last tweet and more

Twitter tools for analytics

    • Twitter Stats – an IOS app that analyses twiiter accounts
    • Social Bearing – a tool that analyses keywords, locations, interests, user names to help find people to follow.
    • Bluenod – uses twitter hashtags to map out and visualise people and communities using the hashtag.
    • Twitter Analytics – this is twitter’s own analytics platform that shows activity for 28 days like mentions, followers and top tweets.
    • Daily 140 – this tool helps you find people, who they have followed and the tweets they have favorited

Handmade vintage bead necklace green Handmade vintage bead necklace red Handmade vintage bead necklace blue Handmade vintage bead necklace purple

Tools for Content

  • Nuzzel – a good tool to find out what is trending. It looks at the people you follow and finds the content they are engaging with.
  • Swayy – this is a tool that analyses what your followers are in to and what they enjoy to help you customise your posts.
  • Filta – this tool looks at the bio’s of your followers to find out what they are in to.

Tools for chats

  • TweetChat – This tool is very good for twiiter chats. You type in a hashtag and you can follow and chat with the team live. Very good for community interaction and scheduled twitter chats.
  • TwChat – this tool is good for chats on twitter
  • Chat Salad – This is a tool that helps plan and shedule time across time zones for twitter chats.

Tools for mentions and monitoring

  • Warble – this notifies you every time someone shares content from your website on twitter even if your not mentioned or they use a URL shortener. A good tool to see how many of your visitors recommend your content.
  • Mention – this is a tool keep track of all your twitter mentions. It tracks, analyses and emails your mentions.
  • Keyhole – This tool notifies you whenever a keyword or hashtag is is mentioned. Good to keep track of your brand, campaign, blog and more.
  • MentionMapp – this is a tool that shows all the people you mention and the people they mention to help discover their interests.

This list of twitter tools is not exhaustive. These are just some of the tools we have found as we grow our online presence.

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Best Online Jewellery Shop

As we grow and try to create the best online jewellery shop, the challenge is creating product lines while allowing for creative variations. Our ranges are growing but we aim to make beautiful eco-friendly recycled jewellery and crafts.

We are continually adding products into our categories like;


Brown Unique Handmade Paper bead recycled Necklace


Multicoloured Blue Unique Handmade Paper bead recycled Bracelet


Red Unique Handmade Paperbead recycled Earring


Handmade Beaded Luscious Red Bead Handbags

Necklace and Bracelet Set’s

Purple Unique Handmade Paperbead recycled Necklace and Bracelet Set

However its an uphill battle against bigger more established websites like Amazon who offer deals;

The goal to become the best online jewellery shop is a continuing challenge and we will continue to follow our passion as we make AfriArtisan a self sustainable passion turned into a business.

Follow us for more updates on our journey to become the best online jewellery shop.

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SEO lessons learned and some tools we found along the way

As we grow our SEO online presence we have learned a few things and we thought we would share some of the lessons and tools we have found.

    1. Google dictates the way
      As the worlds number 1 search engine google is the gateway to being found on the internet. As you build your web presence remember Google’s mission statement ‘…organize the worlds information and make it universally accessible and useful’
      So when building your SEO strategy it’s important to keep to Google’s mission statement.
      This was challenging for us as we wanted to create beautiful products and turn our passion into a business. SEO with Google is about unique content that isn’t replicated which is hard to reconcile for a small start-up group of artisans. Many products are made from the same materials and when writing product descriptions it is easier to replicate and have a uniform description of materials which Google’s panda and penguin algorithms penalize.
    2. Building high quality back-links is important
      Back-links have to be authoritative and related to the content on your website. Having many back-links that are unrelated or not authoritative is penalized by Google. This has brought many challenges for us as a small start-up.We are competing against market places like ETSY, ARTFIRE, EBAY, etc. The have multiple user driven content and links continually growing.
      While you are small there is no real incentive for more established online business’ with authoritative content to link to the smaller start-ups as we are competition.
      Making unique products also makes it hard to find relevant link building partners.We have decided to incorporate link building into content generation. We initially spent a lot of time on trying to build back-links but without content for Google, that becomes a redundant pursuit. So back-link building is limited to ten percent of our time allocated to content generation for our SEO.
    3. Finding SEO tools and using them to understand and access your websiteSome tools we found and use
      • Alexa
        Is an amazon search engine. This helps get your content indexed faster
      • Google+
        Setting up a business page with Google is a no brainier as its part of their own network and connecting your content can only be a good thing.
      • SimilarSiteSearch
        This is a useful tool in identifying sites that are like yours, looking at their links and their popularity
      • Moz Bar
        This is a plugin that allows you to see the domain authority and page popularity of websites right from your browser
      • Majestic
        An excellent reporting tool for back-links, domain authority, trust flow and more. Really helps with SEO
      • PingoMatic
        This a good tool if your website has a blog. It submits your blog to several services.

The challenges of SEO are ongoing as the internet continues to evolve but it is a journey that we are learning a lot from and we will continue to share what we learn on our journey.

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Top Jewellery Blog’s we found and love

As we start our blogs at AfriArtisan and Afriartisan Designs, we did some research for jewellery blog’s online. We are very passionate about handmade jewellery and want to share some of the good of hand crafted jewellery blog’s we found.

There aren’t as many “handmade jewellery” blog’s online as there are fashion blog’s. So we though we could share a few good blogs on jewellery as a sector as a whole. These are a few that inspired us;

1. UK Craft Blog 
This blog showcases the hard work of UK craft bloggers and regular features of talented handmade jewellery crafters. It offers helpful articles for bloggers to make their blogs a success.

2. Gem-a-Porter
Is a high end jewellery blog for trend setters. It catalogues global, trendy, and rare jewellery. We loved the styles of interviews, personal touch and exuberance of style that this blog showcases.

3. Gem Gossip
A unique blog that showcases celebrity jewellery and antigue jewellery. It has tips, advice and gemstone education. This blog helps promote designers jewellery to a massive following in instagram and twitter. A very good blog to follow.

4. Murphey the Jeweler Blog
This is a fun, engaging and entertaining blog that is brilliantly written. It is a simple clear blog with very little clutter that is easy to read and follow. The company is an old jewellery company founded in 1850. That is a lot of history.

5. Love Gold
This isn’t as much a blog as it is a Pintrest site that is all about gold jewellery. It has well written interviews and editorials with beautiful layouts that inspire and showcase very beautiful gold jewellery.

6. The Street Bauble Blog
This is a simple and clearly written jewellery blog. It quirky and personal which is something we aspire to do with our blogs. The personal stories intertwined with the products is a very interesting read.

7. Diamonds in the Library
This a very well written jewellery blog with lots of literature about modern gems, timeless pieces and the journey’s of the writer. It combines with Pintrest to make a very entertaining read.

8. Jewels du Jour 
This is a magazine style blog with daily updates. It has very good information on jewellery auctions and highlights collectors, museum exhibitions and very high end pieces.

9. Wendy Brandes Fine Jewelry Blog 
We loved reading the articles on this blog. They were fun, lighthearted and are a good technique to get people to follow a blog. It is very unique opinion on the jewellery a woman should adorn in today’s world.

10. Adorn London 
This jewellery blog showcases all the trends on the high street. It forecasts and provides intelligence forecasts within the jewellery industry. They do interviews, editorials on new jewellery lines, antiques, classical pieces and new designers.

11. The Carrotbox
This jewellery blog is dedicated to finding, sharing and showcasing non metal rings. It is obsessively passionate about non metal rings and you can’t help but learn more about rings.
Handmade Beaded Angelic Pink Blue Bead Handbags

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Handmade jewellery designs and social media

Handmade Vintage Yellow Red Bead Handbags

We are always attracted to beautiful things. They inspire us, we love to stand out from the crowd, to have a unique aesthetic that is personal. An understanding of luxury and a appreciation for beautiful objects. The jewellery we wear  is a personal statement of who we are.

Multicoloured Blue Unique Handmade Paper bead recycled Bracelet

A handmade AfriArtisan bracelet is the perfect piece of jewellery if you are after a bracelet that you want to wear day and night; an accessory that is sturdy, yet feminine.
Remember in the good old days when sharing a friendship bracelet with your best friend was the only way to share a special bond with your ”almost” sister! Welcome into your life the new and improved iconic handmade bracelets.

Grey Unique Handmade Paperbead recycled Earring

Why not wear handmade earrrings from Afriartisan! My advice to achieve the perfect look would be to wear one of our handmade earrings with your handmade earrings that you can change every day depending on your mood. Trust me you will never want to go back to the old unfashionable earrings after proudly wearing the improved one!

Orange Unique Handmade Paper bead recycled Necklace

This voluminous, yet exquisite necklace is crafted from hand rolled paper is an amazing piece of jewellery. As soon as you see the design of this necklace, you instantly know that everybody will be talking about it. These handmade necklaces have been gaining momentum over the last few months, and they are the piece’s you would want to get if you would like to dazzle the crowd.
Our inspiration today comes from our Pinterest board ‘Gift Ideas‘, a collection of images of collected from our range.

It’s not my biggest board on Pinterest, but if you go and take a look, it’s the essence of our designs

You can find our ‘Gift Ideas‘ collection here on Pintrest
In other news, you may have noticed that we are now on LinkedIn , Tumblr, Google+, Instargram and have a new WordPress Blog. Although we are still adding to our collection, we are now actively engaging on social media.

In other news, you may have noticed that we are now on LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+, Instagram and have a new WordPress Blog. Although we are still adding to our collection, we are now actively engaging on social media.

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Social Media Update


We have delved into the social media marketing challenge and its been a very steep learning curve for us. We are enjoying getting away from just the design of the products we make to talking to you about them.
So many of the questions we have had have blown us away and taught us a few new things to consider as we make our items.

As a small startup business we are always trying to figure out a balance between product design/manufucture and content generation.

Tasks Daily;

We are now on;


And we are continuously growing. Please come chat to us and join us on our journey as we grow and continue to make special and unique handmade items for you.
Talk to us about any product ideas like new designs of paper bead bags, paper bead necklaces, paper bead bracelets, paper bead earrings and more.

We are looking at new product ranges from natural and recyled materials like polythene, bottle tops, bamboo and more

If you require any more information please Contact Us