Handmade Vintage Bead Necklace’s


The handmade vintage bead necklace is an extremely popular fashion trend today. The necklace's come in different colours and are 28inches / 71.12cm / 711.2mm long. They celebrate the elegance of handmade vintage bead necklace's.



The handmade vintage bead necklace’s are all hand rolled carefully from upcycled paper in differnt colours. They have natural colours that accentuate any outfit. They are meticulously crafted with a mesmerising mix of texture and colour to capture the season’s most wanted look in handmade vintage bead necklace jewellery.

The vintage bead necklace’s are a perfect gift for the fashion lover on your gift list or keep for yourself to enjoy! The quality of these handmade vintage bead necklace’s adds value, beauty and makes them truly unique and individual gem’s. Each bead is crafted carefully with love and passion to make truly beautiful and exquisite jewellery necklace’s.

Inspired by AfriArtisan designs, we make beautiful handmade vintage bead necklace jewellery for you, to accentuate you look and feeling with this unique handmade necklace. They make beautiful keepsake gifts, have lots of sparkle and are perfect for special occasions. These handmade vintage retro bead necklace’s are truly a girls best friend and wardrobe staple!

Get yourself one of these trendy and beautiful handmade vintage style necklace’s today and you will love wearing a unique piece of jewellery that is unique as every necklace can’t be replicated. They are one of a kind pieces.

You will love these handmade vintage bead necklace’s

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Purple, Blue, Red, Green


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